Laughter Yoga Workshop 2015

JUNE 12TH -16TH   Bonito Cafe & Gallery : Kolimbia

We invite you to come and join us for a really good laugh and release your bodies pent up stresses in the friendly, relaxing surroundings of Bonito. Workshops will take place on the roof terrace so no one can watch you loosen your cheeks, they will only wonder from below who it was that was having so much fun ?!!! 

Workshops are being run by Carrie a laughter yoga specialist from London who will be joining us for the week.

FRIDAY & SATURDAY  2 workshops 10am & 6pm
MONDAY & TUESDAY  2 workshops 12pm for familys & 6.30pm adults & older kids

It is advisable not to laugh too hard on a full stomach (who knew ?!), so hold out for Bonitos great food until after the workshop 

You will need to bring a towel to lie on at the end, and a desire to let go and go with the flow….ho ho ho, ha ha ha, hee hee hee

Workshops are approx 1 hour in length : Adults 10€   Children (under 18) 2€

TEACHING OPPORTUNITYFor those of you who may be interested in training in these techniques yourself, Carrie can help you with the confidence you need to get groups laughing. It is recommended that you should be prepared to come to at least 1 of the workshops before attending a teaching workshop hour (time to be arranged with the group), and then to attend at least 1 more of the regular laughter workshops afterwards. 

This would be suitable for anyone who is already teaching in any capacity. The workshops will be in English.

Do check out : or Type Laughter yoga John Cleese into and Carries own site for more information on the benefits of more laughter in your life, and to have an idea what you can expect.

What a giggle…..we hope to see you there.

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